Introducing the Rescue Mac Technician Console

The Rescue team is excited to announce the general availability of the Rescue Mac Technician Console! The addition of the Mac TC provides more flexibility for technicians to support their customers with the device or operating system they prefer.

The Mac TC offers many of the great features the PC Console currently offers, including remote control access, file manager, system information, reboot and reconnect, and unattended access, among many others. The Mac TC empowers support agents to quickly resolve customer issues on the first interaction. Try it for free today!



LogMeIn Responds to Short Thesis

In light of a recent report that came out with a short thesis on LogMeIn (LOGM), we would like to highlight the following six points:

1.   LogMeIn has been gaining IT management customers, not losing them in recent quarters.

2. LogMeIn management has stated that is expected to grow triple digits in 2014.

3. LogMeIn management has stated that BoldChat is performing very well and is geared toward mobile customer engagement.

4. AppGuru is a highly differentiated solution for Bring Your Own App/Device (BYOA/D) from “Me Too” and other Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solutions. Furthermore, AppGuru is geared toward our Central customer base.

5. Not taken into account when evaluating LogMeIn, is the potential of Xively and the Internet of Things (IoT) market.

6. Since our first publicly reported quarter, we have always calculated our renewal rates in the same manner, add on sales do not factor into our renewal rate.

We look forward to providing further information on our conference call on July 24th at 5pm.


LogMeIn Sets Date to Announce Second Quarter 2014 Results

LogMeIn will report its second quarter 2014 financial results for the period ended June 30, 2014 following the close of market on Thursday, July 24th, 2014. On that day, management will hold a conference call and webcast at 5:00 p.m. ET to review and discuss the Company’s results for the second quarter.

  • What: LogMeIn Second Quarter 2014 Financial Results Conference Call
  • When: Thursday, July 24th, 2014
  • Time: 5:00 p.m. ET

Live Call:

  • + 1- 888-481-2877 (U.S. and Canada)
  • +  1- 719-325-2495 (international)
  • 7159376 (conference ID)


  • + 1- 888-203-1112 (U.S. and Canada)
  • + 1- 719-457-0820 (international)
  • 7159376 (passcode)



Customer Security Tips

As part of our ongoing commitment to customer security, we’d like to offer our customers some advice on IT security and user password best practices, and how to better utilize the multiple layers of security that are built into LogMeIn products.

Some important user password best practices include:

  • Use two-factor authentication that is simple, free and available on all LogMeIn products
  • Create a unique, complex password for every account, device and system
  • Consider using a password safe application to generate secure passwords and store them safely
  • Never use simple passwords like “password” or “12345”
  • Always use complex passwords of at least eight characters in length, including upper- and lower-case letters, numbers and symbols

The above tips are especially relevant in efforts to protect against scam “phishing” tactics. For more detailed information on how to identify and avoid fraudulent emails,  click here.


Avoiding Phishing Attacks

What is Phishing?

Phishing is an email scam designed for identity theft. The most successful phishing emails are typically disguised to look like they come from a known or reputable source. These emails usually contain attachments or download links to malicious software, such as keystroke loggers, banking trojans, spywares, and rootkits. A keystroke logger is one of the most dangerous threats. An attacker can use a keystroke logger to steal user names and passwords as you type, including credentials to your emails, remote computers, HR systems, etc.

Tips on how to identify a fraudulent email

Legitimate organizations typically do not request sensitive information via email. LogMeIn will never email you for any of the following sensitive information:

  • Verify your account information – except to verify your email address after registration.
  • Ask for your password.
  • Confirm personal information such as age, social security number, or home address.
  • To provide information of a financial nature.
  • Download a new product or SSL certificate from a provided link.

If you receive a suspicious email purporting to be from a LogMeIn address, we recommend the following actions:

  • Do not reply
  • Do not open any attachments
  • Do not click on any links
  • Contact LogMeIn’s technical support team

Tips on how to identify phishing scams

  • Threats and Calls to Action - Phishers like to use scare tactics, and may threaten to disable an account or delay services until you update certain information. Most phishing campaigns include a call to action. If the content places any kind of urgency as far as “you must click into your account now”, it is potentially a scam.
  • Too generic – Watch out for generic-looking requests for information. Fraudulent emails are often not personalized.
  • Bad grammar – Scammers are not known for Grade A grammar and spelling.  This is a common trait among many fraudulent email scams. Some of these messages have been poorly translated from other languages, or use letters from the alphabet to substitute certain symbols (which is a common tactic meant to evade spam filters).
  • Links in email - If you see a link in a suspicious email message, don’t click on it. Hover your mouse over the link (without actually clicking on the link) to reveal whether the real address matches the URL that was typed in the message. In the example below, the link reveals the real web address that the user will be routed to, as shown in the red box. Notice that the URL string in the text looks nothing like the web address to which the user will be directed.

links in email

  • Email body as an image – It is a common tactic of many spammers to make the whole message body an image so as to track the user and evade spam filters.
  • IP reputation – You can look up the sender IP’s reputation through the Return Path’s Sender Score ( website. The lower the score, the more likely the email is a phishing attempt.

Tips on what to do in your LogMeIn account if you think you’ve been phished

  • Clean your computer system of possible malware (including key loggers) – Immediately clean your system to remove any malware and key loggers that may have been installed.
  • Change passwords - Once your device is clean, change any passwords you might have revealed. If you used the same password for multiple resources, make sure to change it for each account, and do not use that password in the future.
  • Enable Two-Step Verification – With two-step verification, after entering your LogMeIn ID and password, you will also be required to enter a one-time code that you get from either a mobile authenticator app or via email. The following links provide additional information on this feature:
  • Do not fill embedded forms with sensitive information – Never submit sensitive, personal or confidential information via forms embedded within email messages. Senders are often able to track all information entered.
  • Be careful with URLs – Pay attention to the URL of a website. Malicious websites may look identical to a legitimate site, but be aware that the URL may use a variation in spelling or a different domain.
  • Protect your computer – Make sure you maintain effective anti-virus, anti-spyware and Internet Security software to help combat phishing.
  • Think twice before opening an attachment – Be careful about opening or saving any document or attachment that come with spam mails.
  • Don’t disclose personal information – Never ever send any information about your account in an email. LogMeIn’s technical support team is available by phone at 1-866-478-1805 should you require assistance.
  • Make sure your receiving mail server does a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) check – SPF allows recipients to verify sender identity (at the organizational level) by allowing domain owners to publish, via DNS, the IP addresses that are authorized to send emails from the specified domains. Ask your mail server administrator to configure SPF validation – this is usually done in the spam filter.
  • Resources:

Ways to report a suspected phishing scam

  • The Anti-Phishing Working Group is an organization tasked to help to fight phishing scams. You can report phishing at
  • Call the LogMeIn support line FIRST, and note that they might ask you to forward the email to a specific address.

LogMeIn Introduces AppGuru

appguru-banner (2)

Empowering businesses to securely embrace the app-centric world.

We’re excited to announce our new cloud app management offering, AppGuru. Specifically designed for IT professionals, AppGuru will change the way companies detect and secure employee-introduced applications and help IT professionals regain control of today’s consumerized IT environments.

IT’s acceptance of consumer devices into their network during the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) era opened up the door for an empowered workforce to introduce a flood of cloud applications to their corporate network. This exponentially increased the levels of business data flowing into the cloud and created an inability to understand what apps their employees were using in addition to existing, IT provided solutions. LogMeIn’s recent study fielded with Edge Strategies, found that 70% of organizations have a presence of bring-your-own-app (BYOA) and that IT underestimates the sheer volume of apps being brought into their organization by 7X.

This BYOA trend represents the latest example of the “Shadow IT” phenomenon, and has placed IT at an important crossroads; they can either ignore a trend that can be a threat to their business or address the challenge head on to bridge the gap between employee’s productivity wants, and their IT security needs.

With AppGuru, IT can take a managed and secure approach to cloud app adoption. Here’s a closer look at how AppGuru enables IT to embrace, secure and take control of the app-centric world:

  • Discover: IT can discover what apps are being used on the network, by whom, and on what devices, in addition to monitoring how much company data is going into the cloud
  • Analyze: Evaluate the security risks of cloud apps in use and uncover efficiencies across the organization with similar apps in use.
  • Provision: Manage your company’s current apps and subscriptions with out-of-the-box support for today’s most popular cloud apps, including Basecamp, Box, Evernote, GitHub, Google Apps, Jive,, Office 365, Salesforce, and Trello.
  • Control: Enforce your company’s security standards, manage the adoption of cloud applications, and control feature usage within app policies.
  • Use: This centralized approach allows IT to access all of their company apps in one place and provide your company with the needed to streamline the adoption of new apps

Looking to get ahead of the trend and keep your network, data and business secure? Please visit for more information.

AppGuru Discovery


[Infographic] Avoid the Sales/IT Collision Scenario: Using apps for better collaboration

What’s great for sales productivity isn’t always good for IT. Nearly 56% of sales teams agree that slow connections are one of the biggest issues with traditional online meeting apps, so it’s no surprise that many sales teams are bringing in their own cloud-based apps to demo, sell and close deals faster and easier.

The infographic below illustrates findings from an InfoWorld research report, based on an IDG QuickPulse survey administered to IT professionals. The report provides insight into the BYOA trend, identifies pain points associated with traditional online meeting tools, and address business-driven IT requirements that benefit the overall organization. You can get a full copy of the free report, Avoid the Sales/IT Collision Scenario: Using app for better collaboration, here, or get some quick highlights below.




BoldChat at IRCE!

Are you attending this year’s Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (IRCE)? With 72% of consumers now using mobile devices to research products and services, now’s the time to make sure your mobile strategy is on point.

Stop by booth #609 to:

  • Preview BoldChat’s new in-app live chat capabilities for an intuitive and controllable out-of-the-box mobile engagement experience
  • Meet one-on-one with Lauren Freedman, President of the e-tailing group, for insight into the latest mobile engagement research and best practices
  • Enter to win a FREE Vespa

We’ll also show you how we can help boost customer engagement and conversions for your organization.
See you in Chicago!


Business Insider: 7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Ad Hoc Meetings


Here at LogMeIn, we constantly have ad hoc meetings to brainstorm ideas or quickly solve a problem. These types of impromptu meetings are becoming more and more common in the workplace, but can run the risk of being unproductive if they lack a visible goal or agenda. The last thing you want to do is leave a meeting feeling like your time could have been better spent. That’s why we worked with Business Insider to come up with ways to make the most of ad hoc meetings.

This article features seven tips that will help you conduct successful ad hoc meetings. To plan for the unplanned with clear communication, goal-setting, the rights tools and more, check out the article here.

And to make the most of every meeting, try

(Image source: Shutterstock)

  Sales Management Series


This month is partnering with CSO Insights and BrightTALK to present two sales management events to provide sales leaders the resources needed to deliver profitable growth.  Information for each event is below. Don’t miss out – register today!

1. How Virtual Meetings Improve Sales’Effectiveness to Win More

Date: Tuesday, June 10

Time: 1 PM ET/10 AM PT

Join CSO Insights and for a practical look at how virtual selling can tangibly improve each prospect touch point throughout the sales cycle; thereby, increasing win rates of forecast deals and improving sales’ effectiveness. Jim Dickie, Managing Partner at CSO Insights, will share how virtual selling can increase sales rep effectiveness and improve win rates where win rates today are at 45.9%. Jim is joined by Mike Muhlfelder, Sr. Director, North America at LogMeIn, who will show how new collaborative technologies instantly allow reps to turn any phone call into a virtual meeting that is intuitive and easy to implement enterprise-wide.

Attendees will learn:

  1. The challenges facing sales teams as they engage prospects today
  2. Why virtual selling is replacing face-to-face calls
  3. How new CRM innovations can help salespeople and prospects effectively collaborate during the sales process, shortening sell cycles, and increasing win rates.

Register Now! 

2. 10 Ways to Have More Profitable Sales Meetings

Date: Wednesday, June 18

Time: 11 AM ET/8 AM PT

For salespeople, a good meeting can determine the difference between hitting their quota or falling behind. So how do you ensure that you have great meetings with the right people? Join this roundtable discussion, hosted by BrightTALK, to learn how to create the best experience for your prospects during your meeting and achieve the outcome you desire.

Lori Richardson, Founder and CEO, Score More Sales (Moderator)
Mike Muhlfelder, Senior Director of Field Sales, NA, LogMeIn
Jim Keenan, Founder and Partner, A Sales Guy Consulting
Tim Wackel, President, The Wackel Group

Register Now!